A Conversation with Robert Hatten about A Theory of Virtual Agency for Western Art Music


  • Robert Hatten
  • Maria Lúcia Machado Pascoal
  • Cristina Capparelli Gerling
  • Flavio Santos Pereira
  • Diósnio Machado Neto
  • Guilherme Sauerbronn de Barros
  • Paulo de Tarso Salles




From August to October 2020, the Brazilian Society for Music Theory and Analysis (TeMA) held a series of five online meetings, each featuring a well-stablished theorist who presented one of his/her recent publications. Following the guest speaker’s presentation, a discussion session ensued, featuring guests from TeMA. On August 20th, TeMA received Robert Hatten to open the series, who was invited to talk about his most recent book: A Theory of Virtual Agency for Western Art Music (2018). Six guests from TeMA joined Hatten for the discussion session: Maria Lúcia Machado Pascoal, Cristina Capparelli Gerling, Flavio Santos Pereira, Diósnio Machado Neto, Guilherme Sauerbronn de Barros, and Paulo de Tarso Salles. Aiming at bringing Hatten’s presentation and the lively ensuing discussion to a wider audience, this essay presents an edited transcription of this meeting.